Vermillion Lies
Vermillion Lies


For most of the European continent:
Ricardo Simoes at SMOG
Based in Lisbon, Portugal.

For Russia only:
Sergej Korsakov at Bad Taste
Based in Moscow, Russia.

From Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada to Moscow, Russia and Braga, Portugal Vermillion Lies has charmed audiences the world over with their unique brand of beauty, silliness, and creativity.

With songs ranging from lyrical folk ballads to raucous circus marches, the Vermillion sisters have earned a reputation for an amazing live performance which enchants audiences of all ages and has everyone clapping, singing, dancing, and playing along.

Real Life sisters, Zoe and Kim Boekbinder "Vermillion", have spent their lives honing their craft at clown boot camp and the local dump, where they found their favorite instruments like toy piano, accordion, typewriter, and BBQ grill.

The live show involves the sisters pulling their odd instruments out of a large trunk onstage before each song, prompting the audience to ask, "What's in the box?" which incidentally is the name of their brand new album.

Vermillion Lies is based in Oakland, CA, tours in a bio-diesel van, and uses recycled packaging printed with vegetable inks.

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Vermillion Lies